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Front-month futures for WTI and Brent stopped falling on Nov. 14, which was the signal to start buying back short positions and establishing fresh longs in anticipation of short-covering. Comments from key OPEC officials including the oil ministers of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq have indicated the group is narrowing differences in an effort to reach a credible agreement by the deadline of Nov. 30. Ministerial chatter has turned from pessimistic at the start of the month to positive in recent days, which has raised the risk of running short positions going into the OPEC meeting and fuelled the rally.

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The Satanist, realizing that anything he gets is of his own doing, takes command of the situation instead of praying to God for it to happen. Positive thinking and positive action add up to results. Just as the Satanist does not pray to God for assistance, he does not pray for forgiveness for his wrong doings. In other religions, when one commits a wrong he either prays to God for forgiveness, or confesses to an intermediary and asks him to pray to God for forgiveness for his sins. The Satanist knows that praying does no good, confessing to another human being, like himself, accomplishes even less - and is, furthermore, degrading.

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He also plays the traditional Irish fiddle in his spare time. MAGGIE BIGGAR Maggie Biggar is an independent producer and is currently Senior Vice President at Fortis Films. She has worked on HOPE FLOATS, PRACTICAL MAGIC, GUNSHY, MISS CONGENIALITY, TWO WEEKS NOTICE, MISS CONGENIALITY 2, as well as the upcoming comedy, ALL ABOUT STEVE. In 2004, she produced an independent film, OUR VERY OWN, which was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for best supporting actress (Allison Janney). In addition to her film work, Maggie was an executive for Fortis on the groundbreaking television show, THE GEORGE LOPEZ SHOW.

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“Fine. But he didn’t look it, arms crossed across his chest in a pose that clearly said he didn’t want to be there. Stephen Flynn entered, thankfully running even more late than Cate, with a fat file that he chucked into the centre of the table. “Bloody Facebook. I could sue that Zimmerman bloke, trouble he’s caused.